Fork Truck Hire

Thanks to the rapid growth of online stores, there is an ever increasing demand for logistics companies. Only a few major online shops have their own warehouses in major cities of the United Kingdom as well as their own transport fleet. This is not possible for smaller and upcoming companies because they do not have the budget required for such a setup. It is the job of the logistic companies to pick up goods from the vendor, transport it to the city of destination, and deliver it to the client. This is not a big deal when they have to pick up goods and deliver it in the same city. However, it is a different scenario altogether when the city of origin and the destination city are different. In such a case, the personnel of such companies pick up the goods from the vendor, store them in a warehouse, and arrange them according to the destination point. 

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Behind the scene

People accustomed to purchase goods from online portals rarely bother to think about the co ordination and activity that takes place once they order their requirements to the time they receive it. The staff of the logistics company, first pick up the goods from the seller's warehouse and shift it to their warehouse using vans and trucks. In the warehouse, they arrange the packages, place them on pallets, move the latter to a specific area in the warehouse, and place them on shelves. While they place the smaller goods on the shelves manually, they require fork lifts to carry heavy loads from one part of the storehouse to the other. These vehicles have a strong metallic prong, which the operator can lower or raise as the situation demands. Once the goods are placed inside the warehouse, the operator lowers the prong of the forklift trucks and pushes it under the consignment. He then raises the prong and manoeuvres the vehicle to the required spot before lowering its prong to place the consignment on the ground. It is profitable for a new logistics company to opt for fork truck hire rather than purchase them.

Advantages of hiring

Launching a logistics business requires investing lots of money for a warehouse, dedicated programs, and salaries of the staff. They can save money during the initial phases of their business by going in for fork truck hire. Once the goods are sorted according to point of destination, they are placed on huge weatherproof containers and lifted on b trucks with the help of cranes. The b trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 11,793 Kg or more. These trucks take the container to the dock and place them on cargo ships or take them to the airport to upload them on an aeroplane. The scenario is reversed at the destination point where the local agent of the logistics company downloads the container, places them on b trucks, takes them to the storehouse, sorts them according to the delivery zones, and delivers them using small vans.